Operational systems that monitor different segments of the grid infrastructure are not designed to interface with one another for easy, actionable analysis. You have to manually extract, join and manipulate data to get the insight you need. This results in slow, inaccurate forecasting and grid utilization reporting. Datawatch rapidly joins data sources to help quickly identify trends, which leads to more confident and impactful decisions.

Increase Profits by Discovering New Opportunities in Your Data

Do you struggle to utilize the massive amounts of unstructured data captured throughout the upstream sector because it’s too hard to aggregate, or process the data for meaningful analysis? Automate your data preparation processes and eliminate manual reporting and instantly extract, combine, and analyze the unstructured data points to advance business decisions made to improve production operations.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Monitoring a comprehensive view of customers’ behavioral patterns in a unified view requires blending data from a variety of internal systems, external feeds, and unstructured, third-party sources. Automatically transform and unite these data sources to produce a comprehensive understanding of customer usage data as well as past interactions and requests to fuel industry-leading customer service.

Our Energy customers also use us to:

  • Reconcile data for insight into the impact of operations and maintenance improvements.
  • Improve fraud detection through anomaly analysis to lower response times to external threats.
  • Reduce costs associated with repairs by optimizing the dispatch of repair crews.
  • Remotely monitor Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for infrastructure and facility processes.
  • Leverage operational models of several sectors to make integrated, data-driven field decisions to optimize revenue.