Generate Insight Using Altair Data Analytics
Actionable Insights from Smart Data

Designed for people with different skill sets, our desktop-based predictive analytic and machine learning solutions will help you quickly generate actionable insight from your data.

Move the processing overhead and user management away from the desktop. Our server-based predictive analytic and machine learning solutions accelerate machine learning modeling and output.

Overcome challenges in Big Data access and insight discovery with unprecedented machine learning analytics and data processing capabilities. Purpose-built for Apache Spark use.

Altair is a global leader in delivering data science and machine learning to businesses that want to generate insight from their data.

Altair Knowledge Studio is known for its rapid visualisation of data, and sharing found insight quickly across the organization.  Replace complexity with efficiency. Allow analytic teams to quickly build accurate and trusted predictive models that help solve business problems.

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Powerful Predictive Analytics Without Complexity

Altair Data Analytics replaces complexity with efficiency. Data scientists and business analysts can focus on generating insight that comes from many sources of data rather than having to waste time coding as models are built and deployed. A consistent, intuitive and interactive interface means users can build predictive and prescriptive models, deploy optimization strategies, and use NLP to detect customer sentiment.

Data Fabric: Save a Stitch in Time with Predictive Analytics

To build a data fabric that covers all your business’ data needs, you need to think beyond today and look toward the future. That means once your data is prepped and ready, it’s time to put it to work, not just for today, but for the days, weeks, months…

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