Cardtronics Eliminates Manual Data Entry Using Monarch

Betty Chou at Cardtronics eliminated hours of manual data entry and human error using Monarch for data extraction.

After she receives reports from banks, Betty is able to open those reports in Monarch and then export the data directly into Excel for analysis.
My name is Betty Chao and I work for Cardtronix. It’s an ATM transaction. We handle all the transactions for ATM. We are using Microsoft product. Actually, my job we are doing settlement accounting system for accounting system and settlement department and we use Monarch to do the report, any data from coming from bank. We convert PDF and the report to the readable format in Excel. I was in the IT, I work as a developer and a DBA for many years. Before that, we have people writing code using See Shop to convert data and it’s pretty restricted, but once we found out Monarch we used that, we really happy. This time I come to the class, I found out Monarch can handle more than we know. It’s very exciting for us. Oh, yes. I learn a lot. Actually, before I came here I was just thinking, “Oh, Monarch is just some kind of text conversation.” Our company, we only use very little but we start to use more. I come here try to figure out, maybe I can write code to replace Monarch in this class, I found out no, Monarch handles so much different features. They convert so many different things. Not just text file, not just PDF. They convert a lot of stuff from SQL data and just more than I know. I’m very amazed. You know, in the accounting and settlement team, usually we don’t have a lot of people writing code like IT do anything. A lot of things we have to manually convert it. It used to be when bank sent us a lot of data it’s always in the report format and we have to manually try to find out. It’s really very time consuming and a lot of human mistakes could happen. To me, using Monarch is really help us create a pattern, create an Excel report and lots of readable format. It really just very helpful. Yes, I think so. They have a pen, they have a lots join, they have a transformation, data transformation. It’s just a lot and then the way the user interface, like we use this DPS studio that’s very helpful that automatically generates the model. You just have to go make a slight change. It is so different from what I know for the older version of Monarch. I think that is very powerful tools. Very useful. My name is Betty Chao and I work as a manger for the technical support for accounting and a settlement team. I work for the company, Cardtronix Incorporation. Our company is doing meetings … I hate to say[inaudible 00:03:53] it’s a lot of money involved, ATM transactions. We do a lot [inaudible 00:04:00] working and then data with banking system. We get all the banking reconsideration for all the network, VISA, MasterCard, Credit Card Union, more than you know. It’s just a lot.

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