Bellco Credit Union Cuts Time for Data Access Using Monarch

Harry Schreiber at Bellco Credit Union has been using Monarch for seven years.

Monarch allows him to extract data from trial balances into Excel reports, without any manual data entry. As Harry said, “It’s been a God-send” for his team.
I’m Harry Shribo with Bellco Credit Union in Denver, Colorado. Bellco is a fast-growing credit union. I’ve been there for seven years and it’s now almost a $4 billion credit union. I’m pretty happy to be working there. Great people. I have been working with Monarch for about seven years, and it is a wonderful product. We do trial balances and drop those in. That has worked so wonderful. What I learned today with the version 14 has just been great. After I take the data in from our trial balances, I have to parse it out, and we have to use the data in different fields in those, what we call, call reports. It’s a fantastic tool. It’s been a God-send because in the past we’ve had to manually put stuff into worksheets. Don’t have to do that anymore, so I can translate it into an Excel spreadsheet that everybody knows Excel, and so that really does help.

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