Advancial Federal Credit Union Integrates Data Sources with Monarch

Dana Herrington at Advancial Federal Credit Union uses Monarch to integrate data from different subsystems and blend them into a common report format.

She receives reports in multiple formats, including PDF, XML, CSV, and PRN. Using Monarch, Dana and the Accounting department at Advancial is able to consolidate those reports for upload into their general ledger system.
My name is Dana Harrington and I work with Advancial Federal Credit Union here in Dallas. I actually run the accounting department with Advancial. Being in the accounting department we have to integrate data from several subsystems and so we’re taking data in various different formats, PDF, XMLs, what else do we take? CSVs, PRNs, right, we’re taking it down and we’re needing to manipulate that data and getting it into an upload format into our general ledger software. In my department we primarily use Datawatch Monarch to do that for us, it lets us integrate. I saw the new joins and that was super cool. The drag and drop that’s new with Data Prep Studio, we were on Monarch 10 and we just moved to 13, so dragging and dropping, I’m all about less clicks. That was super cool. Really just the intuitive nature of it, like it’s the menu driven, click, drop, drag. It follows suit of all other softwares, as opposed to previous Monarch classic, just a little clunky, so yeah, lots of good stuff.

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