Unitil Efficiently Prepares and Reconciles Data Using Monarch

As a Financial Systems Analyst at Unitil, Michal Jakimowicz preps and reconciles data daily for electrical and gas rates using Monarch.

He handles reports that are hundreds of pages long, and must extract them from a legacy system.

Using Monarch, he can automate this extraction process, and combine that data with reports from external vendors.

My name’s Michael Jakimowicz. I’m a financial systems analyst at Unitil and I prep and reconcile data for electrical and gas rates. A lot of it we pull out of text files that we pull from our legacy system. So, what we do is we pull these reports, which are multiline reports, some of them 300 plus pages, broken out by different rate classes, by components, by sales class. And in the old days, we would manually go through and pull out by service, rate class, and component, and then add them up ourselves versus putting everything into Monarch and having it done as a push button. You can create a quick dirty model of just about anything, whether it’s a bill from an external vendor that you wanna put into Excel rather than key up, whether it’s an ad hoc report based upon customer type. You can always use Monarch and create a quick detail report put into Excel to validate whether it’s something that’s useful or not. It’s a time saver. I mean, you can spend days parsing out reports, or you can have it done than less than a minute.

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