Data Analysts Unlock Value from Third-party Reports with Monarch

Data analysts at State Employees’ Credit Union receive many reports from outside vendors that are difficult to extract data from.

They leverage Monarch to build and share models, which reduces the amount of manual labor in their data prep processes from days to minutes.

Monarch enables State Employees’ Credit Union to spend more time analyzing their data than mining it.

I’m Kristen Snyder, a data analyst from State Employees Credit Union in Maryland. Hi, I’m Natasha Washington, data analyst from State Employees Credit Union as well. We have lots of files that we get from outside vendors, and they’re not always in the best format. And Datawatch, using Monarch Pro, it really helps us out with cleaning it up and getting it to the different departments, so that they can balance and reconcile and do fun things like that. And I love the fact that it definitely cuts the time that it takes to prep a document down significantly. Something that would maybe take me a few days to do may take me, maybe 20, 30 minutes sometimes. So, I really like that. And the fact that you send it out once, and you just keep running it afterwards, it makes it really nice. I might know how to create a model other people don’t. I can create it, give it to them, and then they just export it, and they’re finished. And I love the fact that it’s very user-friendly. It takes all of the day-to-day, you know, monotonous tasks that you have to do, which you can actually work on things, analyze the data instead of just mining through the data. You’re actually able to do what you’re supposed to do in your position.

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