Simplified Financial


STREAMLINING MARKET DATA Market data is one of the three largest expenses at most financial institutions. In addition, the diverse nature of formats used by market data vendors creates a significant amount of work when standardizing feeds. Simplified Financial Information (SFI) has architected an integrated, managed service that provides synchronized multi-source data simulation with a visual front end that delivers greater efficiency and less risk throughout when standardizing market data. The Market Data Simulation & Orchestration (MDSO) solution, developed with Datawatch’s visual data discovery platform, enables real time market data simulation testing in a visual analytics environment. The simulation testing uses actual and user fabricated market data that mimics the behavioral characteristics of the market. This data is then visually analyzed using Datawatch to provide greater insight into data consumption traffic patterns as well as stronger confidence in quality assurance. TWO DISTINCT NEEDS — ONE SINGLE SOLUTION SFI partnered with Datawatch for two key reasons. First, SFI recognized that different clients needed to visualize data in different ways. Large data sets, presented in tabular form, made it difficult to see answers clearly and drill down into data to discover potential issues or opportunities. And second, by incorporating Datawatch into the MDSO Platform and SFI’s Market Data Analytics solution, both products are able to present data in a visually interactive format making it easy to understand and explore patterns and detect outliers in market traffic. DATAWATCH DELIVERS Each of SFI’s core products leverage Datawatch’s visual data discovery capabilities. Their Market Data Analytics solution uses Datawatch functionality to map data from exchanges, information providers, and clients’ in-house stores from originator to application. This provides insight to support cost comparison, optimization, and compliance. The SFI MDSO platform allows users to build complex test scenarios, as well as synchronize multiple venue streams, to determine how market-facing applications and strategies will respond to unpredictable conditions. SIMPLIFIED FINANCIAL INFORMATION, INC. As the first complete solution that enables clients to capture, store, analyze and conduct real-time synchronized market simulations, SFI enables clients to conduct true system level testing while producing greater quality assurance confidence. SFI helps reduce the costs of market data and enhance the market-facing testing environment. At the same time, SFI provides the confidence required to effectively manage market data costs and survive unexpected trading events. INDUSTRY Financial Technology FUNCTION Financial Services CHALLENGE Market data professionals need to manage risk and market exposure by understanding the potential impact of volatile, unpredictable conditions. However, they are often faced with great volumes of data that make it difficult to see answers clearly. SOLUTION SFI set out to build a complete solution for capturing data usage, simulating and playing back high-volume data, and integrity testing client applications. BENEFITS Purpose built actions & filters generate customized visualizations that make it easy to understand patterns and detect outliers in market traffic.