San Bernardino Schools


SCHOOL SYSTEM STRUGGLES TO RESPOND TO REQUESTS AND MEET REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS As with most school systems, budgets are tight and resources limited for San Bernardino County and five other Counties who partner with San Bernardino in the state. New payroll reporting requirements have further complicated the situation, as the system struggles to integrate the data necessary to comply with the Affordable Care Act, Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act and other regulations. Costly payroll system upgrades and time- consuming, manual efforts were not in the budget. At the same time, the technology department needed to continuously respond to ad hoc requests for information quickly. A district Chief Business Officer might want to review how much a school spends on maintenance. An individual school board negotiating with their teachers’ union may need to know the budget impact of increasing a health benefit. Or human resources might ask how many substitute teachers were employed in a given month to comply with the Affordable Care Act. EFFICIENTLY ENHANCING COMPLIANCE, ACCURACY AND SPEED Working with Datawatch, San Bernardino County found an efficient, effective way to comply with the new laws without placing too great a burden on their limited resources. Using Datawatch, the school system has provided self-service data preparation capabilities to more than 300 users throughout the county. Now, for example, payroll clerks at each of the 40 K-14 school districts within San Bernardino County can now quickly access and compile substitute teacher data to make sure those who have worked more than 30 days accrue sick time in compliance with the Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act. The system also allows them to review healthcare coverage data for employees in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Ad hoc requests can also be run without the involvement of the technology team. Even better, users can be confident in the accuracy of the information provided, as Datawatch pulls in and validates raw data automatically. DATAWATCH DELIVERS The districts in the county and in the partnering counties of Del Norte, Humboldt, Inyo, Mono and San Mateo use Datawatch for a variety of applications, from payroll and HR reporting and Freedom of Information Act requests to a wide variety of other business needs. In some instances, they estimate they save the equivalent of four days of employee time each month for the payroll applications alone. With resources so limited, this ensures that the office may not have to hire outside help just to remain in compliance with the many state and federal laws and regulations that apply. In addition, the ability to automate data acquisition and preparation, in lieu of manual reentry, has reduced the time it takes to deliver on information requests from as much as a few weeks to just hours. By helping navigate the complexities surrounding compiling information from disparate systems and file formats,Datawatch helps San Bernardino and its partnering counties to remain compliant and efficient without spending a fortune on new equipment or personnel. 2015.