REdirect Corporation
"Monarch lets me prepare my data before outputting it in Tableau- making it a win-win solution!"

At ReDirect technical consulting firm, Femina Patel recognizes the need for data preparation when she works with clients looking for advice regarding their data. Femina recommends Monarch because of the user-friendly conversion of PDF data to Excel feature. Cleansing and uploading data into internal databases for clients is simple because Monarch allows the user to work with many different tables at the same time.

my name is Femina Patel and I work with REdirect, uh, Consulting Services. Um, so basically what my company does is, uh, it, it consults with the property managers, the owners of real estate, um, buildings, and real estate owners. And, and what we do is we offer consulting. We offer customization and report, uh, and any kind of customization they really want. Data transformation from one system to another system or be just upgrading from one system to another system. So we, we provide all the technical, uh, consulting they need regarding their data. what I’ve learned right now, um, is the basics of using Monarch, and, and the training very efficient. Monarch was already there when I started so I think my company uses Monarch very often. So what my company does is they- they- some- some organizations will just be giving us report in the form of PDF, Excel, and, and, and not just one report. It’s a different, ten types of different reports, which, so, in which to clean the data and, like, upload it to the, um, spreadsheet server or whatever database we are using. what I’ve found interesting in Monarch is like you can work on different tables at a same time. You can combine those table. You have the capabilities of joining them on whatever basis you want and, um, I really like how we can change the data types of the columns, so that’s really interesting. was fascinated about the software was its reading capability and then where we are editing the space that I want this data to be from this place to this place in PDF, so, so it’s amazing. I mean the software is so intelligent to, to, to process by itself and even if it misses, we, we can do it, we can do everything to just get whatever data we want so that was really nice. if you want, uh, clean your data, if you wanna convert your data into, from one system to another system, uh, if you just wanna extract the right data from any source, um, go for it because it works fine, it’s user-friendly and I’m sure you can figure out different ways, not just one way to do it right, but different ways and then you can decide whatever you like