Piedmont Henry Hospital


DRIVING IMPROVED OUTCOMES WHILE LOWERING COSTS Like many hospitals, Piedmont Henry Hospital needed to increase access to care while driving down costs. They wanted to provide their teams with the right data at the right time, across the care continuum, in order to improve the patient throughput process, increase patient satisfaction and safety, meet compliance requirements, and provide reliable and accurate data submission to finance, agencies, health information departments and vendors. Data was also needed by senior management and various committees to identify areas for improvement, establish key performance indicators, and develop employee recognition and incentive plans. PROVIDING CLINICAL DATA TO ENHANCE PATIENT CARE Datawatch assisted in the creation of a new standard in report methodology that includes report routing and distribution while maintaining HIPAA compliance, the ability to report more than the minimum data required, and the capability to submit high-quality data registries and analysis. The Datawatch solution allows Piedmont Henry Hospital to access data from previously unavailable structured, unstructured and semi-structured sources. As a result they can prepare, distribute and analyze a wide range of data to provide timely, accurate information to all staff members. The hospital can also automate reporting processes, combining data from multiple systems on a planned schedule. DATAWATCH DELIVERS With Datawatch, Piedmont Henry Hospital is able to provide actionable data that impacts performance and outcomes across the board. Patients are now registered in a timely manner, with more accurate information, charts are processed and reimbursement coding is submitted sooner. Staff can access the data they need at the beginning of their shifts to guide patient care. Thanks to automated reporting, month-end closing is completed quickly without IT overtime. Revenue has increased due to improved patient billing and timely reimbursements from the government and insurance companies, while HIPAA compliance has been assured. With Datawatch providing the right data for proper analysis, workflow and policies have evolved to support the organization’s goals. PIEDMONT HENRY HOSPITAL This 215-bed, nonprofit community hospital provides Atlanta-area residents a level III NICU, urgent care center, and skilled nursing and rehab facility, and offers Centers of Excellence for cardiovascular health, critical care, radiation oncology and more. INDUSTRY Healthcare FUNCTION Community hospital CHALLENGE Piedmont Henry Hospital wanted to be able to provide timely, accurate information to all necessary hospital staff in order to improve the patient experience, increase revenue and meet regulatory compliance requirements. SOLUTION Datawatch solutions compile data from a variety of previously untapped sources, allowing individual users a 360-degree view of patient management at the start of every shift, as well as insightful financial and clinical data for deeper analysis. BENEFITS With Datawatch, staff from all departments can access the information they need, measure the positive impact they have on each patient’s experience, and see how patient satisfaction and revenue have increased as a result.