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MountainOne Bank

"Reducing data reconciliation processes from roughly 4,320 man-hours to 4."

Fathom Travel

"Report extraction that used to take 10-12 hours can now be completed in just...

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

"Visualizations created using Panopticon are now serving as the foundation for future education and...


"We cut the reconciliation time from 2 hours to 2 ½ minutes."  


“Now, the hours we spend on collections is greatly reduced..."  

REdirect Consulting

"Monarch lets me prepare my data before outputting it in Tableau- making it a win-win solution!"

MFA Financial

"We have the same types of PDF files coming in on a monthly basis"

New York Community Bank

"The drag and drop feature allows us to save time and money."

Bellco Credit Union

"I have been working with Monarch for about seven years, and it is a...

Advancial Federal Credit Union

"We primarily use Datawatch Monarch to integrate data..."  

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