Pacific Office Automation


BIG DATA CAUSES BIG PROBLEMS The firm’s previous enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was limited in its ability to extract data for reporting and analysis. What’s more, it was unable to provide data in the format users required. There was very little flexibility or customization available, making it difficult to perform critical analysis on product costs, customer data, sales tracking, budgeting, service histories and more. At the same time, as the company’s business grew, the sheer size of its data sets was causing problems, leading to long lag times and frequent system crashes. Users were running reports with hundreds of thousands of rows, and could apply only minimal filters or parameters to collect as much relevant data as possible without crashing the system. CUSTOM REPORTS DRIVE BUSINESS OPERATIONS Datawatch was designed to help make sense of large, unwieldy, data sets from disparate systems. Pacific Office Automation uses the solution to run reports ranging from daily operational reports and overnight scripts to custom reports on profitability and specific product performance. This allows the firm to ensure that users have timely, detailed reports that provide insight into sales, service, cost analysis and more. In fact, the company runs more than 30 reports daily—all of which would need to be created manually without Datawatch. DATAWATCH DELIVERS At Pacific Office Automation, only a few key users access the platform—but those who do require it for almost every task they perform on a day-to-day basis. Datawatch enables timely, accurate analysis of daily sales, service tracking, account-specific profitability, inventory and purchasing management, as well as service billing tracking. What’s more, Datawatch allows users to dig deeper than the previous system could, contributing to more educated and strategic decisions throughout the business. For example, the platform provides performance data by branch and employee, helping to identify areas in need of improvement as well as provides valuable product and pricing information such as product failure data that can then be shared with manufacturers. The company also turns the analysis on itself to guide decisions about its own operations. PACIFIC OFFICE AUTOMATION From its beginnings in copy machine sales, Pacific Office Automation’s focus on advanced technology and customer service has helped it become the largest private office management solutions provider in the United States. INDUSTRY Business Services FUNCTION Office Equipment CHALLENGE The sheer size of the datasets Pacific Office Automation requires to create cost analysis reports was causing their system to crash regularly. Users had to run large reports with minimal filters in order to collect even basic cost and performance data. SOLUTION With Datawatch, users are able to extract the key data required to complete the vast number of reports they are responsible for creating and analyzing. BENEFITS The business now relies on Datawatch to run up to 30 custom reports daily. For a company dependent on data analysis, the solution ensures that users have what they need to perform effectively.