The drag and drop feature of Monarch allows New York Community Bank to save time and money

James Smith, Financial Operations Officer at New York Community Bank, utilizes Monarch on a daily basis when it comes to reconciling data. For James, Monarch is a huge time saver and allows an easy conversion and blending of data originating from Excel, text, and PDF files.
My name is James Smith. I work at, uh, New York Community Bank, and, uh, we use Monarch on a daily basis right now. Well, we have a lot of reports, you know, in different formats, whether it be a CSV, text files, PDFs that need to be broken down and then, you know, we use the data in reconciliations and reporting. I mean, I started with an earlier version of Monarch, the 5.2, and now we’ve just upgraded. Now with the versions 13 and 14, I can see they’re making it more simplistic where instead of having to actually define all the fields and go in there and hit the F2 and label everything, you have the auto define. Tremendous time saver. I mean, c-, obviously cost saving ’cause, you know, re-, think about the way people take Excel and try to manipulate data and break it down and get it the way you need. You get it into the Monarch. You build it and, you know, what we do is we run back files and have them export the data into, you know, folders or wherever we need it and people could just pick it up and stare. It’s ready to go. You don’t have to do any-, ’cause once you build it, it-it’s instantaneous. If you’re familiar with back files, you know there’s a lot of … It-it’s a lot of data writing, where with the Automator, it’s a drag and drop, and not only, uh, you know, would it make it simpler [00:02:30] for, you know, myself and certain people, it would expand it out to more people because it’s, it’s a simpler process. You don’t have to know logic. You don’t have to write logic. You just drag and drop. we use it on a daily basis.

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