"We use Monarch for extracting data off reports that we get from our ERP systems..."

Dennis works as a Senior Project Manager at Mount Holyoke College. In his role, Dennis manages about 50 weekly reports that are sent to approximately 120 different departments. With Monarch, he is able to automate these processes, and connect to multiple data sources including his ERP system and finance database.

My name is Dennis Bowen. I work for a company called Mount Holyoke College. It’s located in western Massachusetts and I’m a senior project manager for that company. One of the reasons that we use Monarch is for extracting, uh, data off reports that we get from one of our ERP systems, our financial system called, uh, Lawson, and then import, export that data out using Monarch. Originally, they’re text files and then what we do, we convert some of them into PDF and we also convert a number of them into Excel Spreadsheets. Um, we have approximately about 50 projects and so those go to approximately 120 different departments. Uh, and so we do that on a weekly basis. what I’ve learned so far is, uh, some of things that are really helpful is being able to obtain data from external sources, uh, such as databases, whether that’s Microsoft Access or what have you, and from that, uh, combine that data with other data to then produce the spreadsheets that we currently produce. it’s always nice to go to a training session for various reasons. One is to learn more about the product. Two is to network with not just other people who are using the product but also with people from the company so you get to have contacts that you may utilize later on.

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