PDF to Excel conversion

MFA Financial uses Monarch on a monthly basis to convert data from PDF files into Excel, allowing them to easy upload information into their internal database.
I’m a business analyst at MFA Financial. Um, we uh, we’re a real estate investment trust. Um, we invest in um, residential mortgage backed securities. before I learned a little bit more about the product, but it was jut PDF to Excel conversion. Um, basically the same types of PDF files coming in on a monthly basis. Um, a lot of them, so it’s just uh, needing a way to quickly convert to Excel, and then into our um, internal database. I’ve been using it for two years, since I’ve been there, and they’ve probably using it for a little bit before that as well. You can imagine the amount of time it takes uh, to do it one by one. Yeah, the new, the new product coming out seems interesting, um, especially if it could potentially be cloud-based. just individually and being able to share data, share projects, um, uh, quickly that they’re kind of coming up with. Maybe they’re on Excel currently, um, uh, scraping things individually uh, just to be able to kind of um, uh, unify the, the, the information.

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