"We've saved 6,000 man hours and reduced that down to a day's worth of automation..."

Mike works as an Account Manager at Immersion Consulting, and has witnessed how Monarch has brought value to many organizations, including the United States Naval Academy. They were able to drastically reduce the amount of time and resources spent on data preparation thanks to Monarch.

Hi. I’m Mike Guadagnini. I’m an account manager over at Immersion Consulting. Some of the data prep challenges that we see from our side, especially in the fedal-, federal government financial space in particular, is a lot of, uh, exporting different, uh, different systems from Access Databases to Excel databases to PDF formats and getting them into, uh, a usable format and getting some actual usable data, some usable, usable knowledge off that data. Immersion and Datawatch, our partnership consist of Immersion being a federal distributor, uh, a GSA schedule holder. Um, we are a services provider for the federal government, uh, and we do everything from marketing, reselling, anything that Datawatch wants us to do that we, we do, and, uh, anything that they, you know, we ask them to do, they do as well. some of the features that are really exciting to people, uh, you know, you go from the, the classic days in the earlier versions of Monarch, uh, now to complete with Data Prep Studio, being able to, to point and click, and, and kind of drag, uh, data reports in and auto parse, and being able to run pretty, pretty simple traps, uh, without having necessarily an IT background. the naval, United States Naval Academy, and they do a, uh … we do all their defense travel, so all the midshipmen, um, utilize … you know 4,000 midshipmen are going on travel and training blocks, uh, every summer. Uh, and that used to be tailored between a whole, you know, three or four different people. We’ve saved the Naval Academy 6,000 man hours and reduced that down to a day’s worth of automation and data preparation that allows for them to gain more knowledge. The ultimate Excel on steroids, uh, and also a, a user friendly, um, capability that allows you to produce really cool, awesome reports. Yeah, so really excited. we’re actually getting a demonstration from Jon Pilkington on the new Swarm capability coming out and that’s pretty exciting and we’ve been talking about it inside Immersion, uh, and a lot of our customers are, you know, asking, “What is this new feature?” And so to learn about it and then be able to present it to our clients is gonna be awesome. Go Datawatch.

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