Background Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Vista, California, Earthlite is known as the highest-quality massage and spa equipment manufacturer in the world. The company has operations on three continents and distributes globally to more than 150 countries. Challenge Given its diverse and distributed customer base, Earthlite needed to have an accurate and efficient way to manage accounts receivable reporting and the collections process, but their AR team of three was downloading a 500-page PDF report and manually pouring over the data to identify accounts where collections were needed. The static report structure prevented Earthlite from being able to sort and organize the information, or perform any sort of data analysis. The reporting process took each team member approximately six hours every month to complete. Not only was this a time-consuming and resource-intensive method, it was also more susceptible to error and had the potential to cause delays in the collections process. Solution Earthlite turned to Datawatch Monarch to help simplify data preparation and expedite analysis. Accounts receivable information is now automatically exported into a tabular structure, equipping Earthlite with the ability to sort, filter and perform analysis of any kind. Because the reporting and analysis process has been dramatically simplified and expedited, what took a team of three an average of 18 hours each month to complete, now takes one employee one hour to finish. As a result, the company is now saving approximately 200 hours per year. Results “Accounts receivable reporting used to take us forever, and it was always such a painstaking process,” said Mark Loy, IT administrator at Earthlite. “Now, the hours we spend on collections is greatly reduced, and reporting and analysis is a million times easier. Additionally, Monarch has enabled us to free up our employees to focus on other pressing business tasks. The technological and business benefits of using this platform have been invaluable.” Because of the tremendous return on investment Earthlite is seeing in its accounts receivable reporting and the collections process, the company is planning to roll out Monarch to other areas of the business as well. Most immediate, the company would like to leverage Monarch for medical bill and insurance analysis, as well as for standard HR functions.