"Monarch is the brain, the hub, of our operational data integration."

Columbia Bank is using Monarch in their Business Intelligence department to integrate siloed data sources and eliminate manual data re-keying throughout the organization.

My name is Darren Carfano, I work for Columbia Bank. we did something really cool about a year and a half ago. We started a business intelligence department. Which was uh, something that’s very new for the bank. So, one central location for all data to go in, to go out, to control, to govern and to help people do their jobs better. Everyone’s doing things in silos. Everyone’s doing things in their own spreadsheets, in their own documents and they’re not talking to one another. So, we’re going to get Monarch to be the brain, to be the hub, of operational data um, uh, integration. So, that’s really, uh, that’s really how we’re gonna use Monarch throughout the institution. I work for a bank. We live and die by our reconciliations. So, uh, I think that’s really gonna be the first uh, way that we’re going to get Monarch to work for the bank, is, is to get people to get those data sources from different places, to kind of match up to one another without people having to touch it and I think that that’s really going to take, it’s gonna save a lot of time and uh, a lot of money for the bank. will take information out of the accounting system, they will generate, probably, either Excel or Pedia for ports, they’ll set it out to different departments, they’ll go in, they’ll probably re key manually, 20 hours later, they’re gonna come up with their exceptions. And we’re looking to cut all of that data joining. So, we’re gonna, you know, we’re gonna really … we’re gonna really fly with tool. Data integrity is probably the number one priority that we have at the bank right now. It’s probably the number one focus of our business intelligence area. And now we can see, wow, we really can do all of this really advanced stuff with Monarch. And it’s not just a thing to extract data from PDF documents. It’s so much more than that. So, we’re really looking forward to applying all of that at, at, at work. what I would tell other people is, is that, before you, before you buy any software, what do you want to accomplish? Create that strategy. Create that roadmap and I guarantee you, that when you create that roadmap, you’ll find an opportunity to … for Monarch to come in and help you accomplish that.

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