ACQUISITION AND RAPID GROWTH CREATE NEW CHALLENGES Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX) was established in 2010 in response to G20 global regulatory reforms throughout the commodity derivative marketplace. CLTX was acquired in December 2013 by the European Energy Exchange (EEX), which propelled CLTX to be a leading edge, end-to-end execution to clearing exchange in a new global marketplace. With rapid expansion came new challenges. CLTX’s existing tools for monitoring regulatory imposed trading limits were not keeping pace with the business and regulatory demands. REAL-TIME MARKET SURVEILLANCE Because of a growing number of products and increasing liquidity on the exchange, CLTX looked for a visual data discovery solution that could met their extensive list of needs, including ease of use, extensibility and flexibility to meet changing requirements without massive development effort, the DATAWATCH DELIVERS A REAL-TIME VIEW OF TRADING ACTIVITY; INCLUDING ALERTS WHEN REGULATOR -IMPOSED TRADING LIMITS ARE BREACHED. ability to integrate a variety of data including streaming sources, and most importantly, the ability to quickly visualize and analyze market trades and detect suspicious or out-of-limit activity. Since replacing their Excel-based processes with a Datawatch solution, CLTX can now easily create a snapshot of the market at any point in time through a heat matrix or any variety of intuitive visualizations. CLTX now also has real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities, which provides actionable surveillance across the entire set of commodities and all CLTX exchange participants. Finally, Datawatch’s high-density visuals and data discovery features enable analysis of both real-time and historical data, the combination of which can reveal new insights. CLEARTRADE EXCHANGE (CLTX) Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX) is a regulated futures market for the global commodity derivatives marketplace. CLTX offers an electronic order book with a suite of over 40 different derivative contracts covering Energy, Freight, Metal and Agriculture. INDUSTRY Commodity Trading FUNCTION Market Surveillance CHALLENGE CLTX needed to enhance their internal market surveillance practices, including the real-time monitoring of six asset classes with approximately 200 contract periods. The existing process relied on Excel, which was unreliable and could not be refreshed more than once a day. SOLUTION CLTX implemented Datawatch’s visual discovery solution which allowed them real-time access to data feeds such as those from Thomson Reuters, and the ability to visually detect and take action on suspicious events. BENEFITS The new visualization solution enables CLTX staff to pinpoint outliers in real-time, perform deep analysis on historical data, and present their discoveries and findings to colleagues and management.