ADDRESSING CONCURRENT INDUSTRY CHALLENGES THROUGH DATA The financial services industry is under growing pressure to make the most of its data. Customers expect more personalized service, while regulators continue to increase oversight. Of course, all of this is happening as the volumes of digital data grows exponentially. As a result, leading financial services organizations turn to firms such as Broadridge to manage this massive amount of data and make it available to satisfy compliance requirements and customer demands. Broadridge offers a portfolio of mission critical services for securities processing and clearing, such as storing, managing and presenting electronic documents, as well as providing investor communications. In addition, they sought to create a web-based platform that could put data mining and presentation, plus document storage and handling technology, safely into their clients’ hands. BROADRIDGE PARTNERS WITH DATAWATCH TO CREATE POSTEDGE A huge improvement over the previous practice of rekeying data into Excel spreadsheets, the PostEdge platform uses Datawatch to extract data directly from Broadridge clients’ source files and present it for analysis without anyone touching the data. This direct, automated route from source document to analysis platform eliminates all risk of manual rekeying and human error. In addition, Broadridge uses Datawatch capabilities to create customer reports and satisfy regulatory requirements. Broadridge estimates that its team has built as many as 9,000 models in Datawatch, each one allowing them to respond to customer requests more quickly than ever before. Many of these models, all searchable by keywords, are called back into service again and again to meet new customer needs that require similar data types. DATAWATCH DELIVERS Easy to use, secure and efficient, the Datawatch-driven solution allows Broadridge to onboard new clients in as little as one day and create customizable reports and models just as quickly. Clients who previously had no visibility into their data can now review reports within 24 hours. At the same time, Datawatch delivers exceptionally granular security and data assurance, governing data access based on flexible business rules and securing information contained in reports down to the individual transaction level. The Datawatch solution continues to scale to meet the growing demands of PostEdge customers. In fact, it currently processes more than 300 million pages each month— triple expected volume when the solution was deployed. BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS Broadridge is a leading global provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions to banks, broker-dealers, mutual funds and corporations. They process data relating to trillions of dollars of fixed income and equity trades per day and distribute millions of investor communications annually. INDUSTRY Financial Services FUNCTION Process Outsource Provider CHALLENGE Broadridge sought to create an online service offering for its global financial services customers. The goal was to create a web environment that would allow customers to analyze data from thousands of reports and documents on demand. SOLUTION The resulting online platform, PostEdge, leverages Datawatch to provide access to Broadridge customers’ vast variety of data sources quickly, efficiently and securely. BENEFITS PostEdge gives Broadridge customers the ability to automate the extraction, preparation, modeling and presentation of data, greatly streamlining their daily business operations while enhancing governance and security.