Angoss Real Time Scoring Engine
Include predictive analytics as you migrate to the cloud

​Real time scoring cloud service allows for ease of use in both applying models in real-time and updating models as new information develops.

The Story

Forward-thinking enterprises are moving assets to the to the cloud to reduce reliance on highly priced capital expenses. This includes data science groups supporting their organization with data strategy, structure, tools and models used to aid in the monetization of data.

The Product

Angoss’ Real-time Scoring Engine (RTSE) is a Cloud service that provides on-demand scores, decision models or recommendations, as well as applying real-time actions or treatments. The ability to deploy predictive models and strategies in real-time and automate the decision making process allows companies to make faster decisions about business objectives and related approaches to meet those goals.

How it Works

On-demand scoring, recommendations and segmentation provide immediate, actionable insights to support timely decision making for improved business performance

API support for SOAP, REST and XML/JSON allows for simple integration with any operational systems such as line of business applications, call center systems, website etc

Flexible, standard model deployment includes the ability to deploy Angoss models, or models developed in other statistical programs via PMML

Advanced model support includes the most popular models: Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Decision Trees, Strategy Trees, Market Basket Analysis, Scorecards, Neural Networks and Cluster Analysis

Centralized, remote model management and deployment lowers your upfront IT infrastructure costs and demand on internal resource