Altair ​Knowledge Studio
Data Science and Machine Learning Platform Designed for Users of All Skill Sets

Data Science is complicated. That doesn’t mean building and deploying models needs to be complex.

With vast amounts of data coming from many different sources, all of which needs to be analyzed, Knowledge Studio replaces complexity with efficiency. As a result, data scientists and business analysts can focus on understanding the insight that comes from data rather than having to waste time coding, building and deploying models.

Altair Knowledge Studio differentiates itself by offering a solution that can quickly and easily be adopted into an organization, providing an enhanced user experience that delivers insightful analytic results in a short period of time.

Meet Knowledge Studio

What Is Altair Knowledge Studio?

Widely known for its industry-leading, patented Decision Trees, Strategy Trees, and its workflow and wizard-driven  graphical user interface, Knowledge Studio is an advanced data mining and predictive analytics workbench.


Who Uses It?

Cost-effective and easy to use, Knowledge Studio is unique in its universality and efficiency. Its high-performance visual environment provides users with an intuitive workflow and wizard-driven graphical user interface which helps users build effective models without having to code.

How it Works

  • Key Features, driven by intuitive wizards:
    • Data preparation tasks that join, filter, append, and aggregate data sets
    • Automatic helpers that: bin and group categories,  substitute missing values, and calculate weights, ratios, logarithms, standardization and more
    • Visual data profiling and exploration that helps you understand the data before you begin building a model
    • Advanced predictive models, from Decision Trees to Regression Models to Deep Learning (Neural Networks) and more
    • In-Database Analytics: perform data mining tasks directly in enterprise data warehouse tables without the need to import or export data files
    • Import/export using common languages such as R, Python and data types (SAS, RDBMS, CSV, Excel, SPSS, other)
    • Scorecard Building: WOE Optimization, Coarse Classing, Reject Inference, Scorecard Editing, code generation (SAS, PMML, SQL)
    • Many more…

Technical Overview

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Altair Perspectives

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Big data has spread rapidly in the past few years, with more companies beginning to allocate resources and budget to advanced analytics endeavors in virtually every industry and region of the United States.

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