​Knowledge Studio
Advanced Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics platform designed for data scientists and business analysts.

The Story of Knowledge Studio

The amount of disparate data collected by organizations for data mining purposes is placing significant demand on analytic platforms and teams. Demands from the business to quickly find insight in their data requires data science teams to create sophisticated predictive models while trying to reduce the complexity often encountered using traditional data science tools.

Meet Knowledge Studio

Advanced Modeling for High Performance Decision Making

Altair Knowledge Studio is an advanced predictive analytics and data science platform that empowers the business to make decisions from insight found using trusted data and predictive analytic models. An easy-to-use user interface with pre-built workflows allows data science teams to use advanced statistical algorithms to predict outcomes with precision, efficiency and agility. Knowledge Studio provides you with advanced data mining and predictive analytics capabilities for all phases of the model development and deployment cycle.

How it Works

  • Interactive workflows with an automated design canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytic models
  • Data Preparation and data profiling for easy extraction, manipulation, and transformation of data for modeling
  • User-friendly Decision Trees that allow for automatic and manual growth, and visually display results for easy interpretation
  • Unique Strategy Trees built off Decision Trees for prescriptive analytics and decision making based on defined business rules
  • Advanced modelling techniques such as scorecard, regression (ex: linear, logistic, constrained logistic, PLS), other
  • Unsupervised Learning: clustering, factor analysis & market basket analysis
  • Support Multiple Layer Neural Networks (MLNN)
  • Import/export common languages such as R, Python and data types (SAS, RDBMS, CSV, Excel, SPSS, other)
  • Scorecard Building: WOE Optimization, Coarse Classing, Reject Inference, Scorecard Editing, code generation (SAS, PMML, SQL)

Technical Overview

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Altair Perspectives

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Big data has spread rapidly in the past few years, with more companies beginning to allocate resources and budget to advanced analytics endeavors in virtually every industry and region of the United States.

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