Altair Knowledge Studio For Apache Spark
Create and Manage Better Predictive Analytics Workflows on Apache Spark
Combine Predictive Analytics and the power of Apache Spark without requiring the use of complex coding.

The Story

Apache Spark is seen by data scientists as a preferred platform to manage and process vast amounts of data to quickly find insight and knowledge from big data frameworks.  Its ability to work with extremely large datasets in-memory is in part why Spark is included in Big Data architectures.

Altair Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark provides a productivity tool for Spark users, allowing them to interact with Spark via a graphical user interface to generate error-free code that may be used in production scripts.

Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark is unique because it allows users scale up, scale-wide and scale-down.

How it Works

  • Interactive workflows with an automated design canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytic models
  • Advanced modelling with open source packages such as Spark ML, Spark SQL
  • Support for any file systems accessible via your Spark cluster
  • Support for Hive, Parquet, and distributed CSV
  • Data Preparation and data profiling for easy extraction, manipulation, and transformation of data for modeling without the need for coding experience
  • Data visualization for building,¬†exploring segments, discovering¬†relationships using patented Decision Tree technology
  • Make business decisions using defined treatments and business rules via Strategy Trees
  • Graphically analyze the quality of models on Spark using Lift Charts

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Learn more about Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark by listening to this webinar, recorded November 2018.

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