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The Story of Knowledge Seeker

The amount of disparate data collected by organizations for data mining purposes is placing significant demand on analytic platforms and teams. Demands from the business to quickly find insight in their data requires data science teams to reduce the complexity often encountered using traditional data science tools.

Meet Knowledge Seeker

Desktop Data Visualization, Segmentation and Strategy Development Software

Altair Knowledge Seeker is a predictive analytics and data science platform that designed for data science teams and business analysts to empower better decisions based on insight found using trusted data and predictive analytic models. Its easy to use user interface with pre-built workflows allows data science teams with limited experience to to use fundamental statistical forecasting algorithms to predict outcomes with precision, efficiency and agility.   Unique in its universality and efficiency, Knowledge Seeker fundamental data mining and predictive analytics capabilities such as data preparation, profiling, visualization, Decision Tree analysis, strategy design and deployment, will take you through an analytics journey that will answer questions such as “What is likely to happen” and “What should I do?”

How it Works

  • Interactive workflows with an automated design canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytic models
  • Data Preparation and data profiling for easy extraction, manipulation, and transformation of data for modeling
  • User-friendly Decision Trees that allow for automatic and manual growth, and visually display results for easy interpretation
  • Unique Strategy Trees built off Decision Trees for prescriptive analytics and decision making based on defined business rules
  • Segment Viewer for identification of candidate predictive attributes
  • Ensemble Trees built with Bagging, Boosting, and Random Forest algorithms
  • Common languages such as R, Python, JAVA; reuse existing code

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We have been told by clients and independent analysts alike that we have the best decision trees on the market!

Built off of our Market Leading Decision Trees, Strategy Trees apply business rules, allowing you to visually review, compare and decide on scenarios that are right for your business.

Review this webinar to learn more about Knowledge Seeker, Decision Trees, and Altair.  Although this webinar focuses on risk mitigation in financial services, Decision Trees can be applied to any market vertical wishing to leverage predictive analytics.

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