Understand what is the best possible objective when risk and constraints can impact results.
​Compare predictive scenarios to determine which is the best solution from a set of viable options without requiring the use of complex statistical coding.

The Story

Business today is challenged with creating models that will tell them what will happen. Traditionally, complex coding and advanced knowledge of data science has been required. More difficult is knowing what to do next, especially when there are several options to evaluate, which are all are subject to risks and constraints.

Meet Insight Optimizer

Maximize Revenue and Minimize Costs with Optimization – A Prescriptive Analytics Application

Insight Optimizer can be applied to a variety of scenarios based on model predictions. It tests these options by considering known and potential constraints and observing the effects on defined business metrics (examples: ROI, payback, margin gained).

How it Works

  • Quick and easy formulation of optimization problems in a flexible, user-friendly interface. Intuitive wizards define objective function and constraints
  • Test various scenarios by running optimization with customized constraints, observing the effects on your business metric
  • Linear optimization: linear programming solver based on the revised Simplex method
  • Nonlinear optimization: Boundary and Linear Equality/Inequality Constrained Optimization (BLEIC); Bonmin and IPOPT solvers for nonlinear programming problems
  • Power and efficiency in solving large problems: Special numerical algorithms handle large problems while avoiding complex computational issues
  • Easy-to-understand solution advisory: Problems resulting in unbounded or non-existent solution are automatically diagnosed and appropriate warnings are provided
  • Modeling results from any analytic environment can be used as optimization inputs

Tech Specs

Insight Optimizer Is a licensed add-on to Knowledge Studio

More data. More Minds. More Trust.

The proof is in the product

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