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Data Science and Machine Learning Platform Designed for Many Users


Altair offers desktop-based, server-based, and big data predictive analytics and machine learning solutions.  We are well known for the rapid visualization of data and sharing of insight quickly.  All of this is self-service.

How?  First, we provide an interface that’s designed for business analysts and data scientists.  Our wizard-based features mean users of varying skills can do a lot of data science modelling, without having to code.  Share progress with fellow team members, build a variety of models (from Decision Trees to a variety of regression models, and of course deep learning / neural networks are also supported).

Want to code?  No problem – we offer that functionality too… you can code within the interface, or import existing scripts.  Sometimes it’s necessary to deploy a GUI-based model into another environment.  Simply select the language you want to deploy the model with, click the mouse… and done!  We are industry leaders in exporting models to different programming languages, including Python, R, SAS, SQL, PMML, SPSS, and others.

Perhaps it’s easier to show you what we can do…


It might be best to contact us so we can help you determine what best suits your needs.  If you want to really know more about what we can do, have a look at the datasheet.


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