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Data Science is complicated. That doesn’t mean building and deploying predictive models needs to be complex.

Altair Machine Learning replaces complexity with efficiency. Data scientists and business analysts can focus on generating insight that comes from many sources of data rather than having to waste time coding as models are built and deployed.

Designed for data scientists and business analysts, Altair Machine Learning is known for its rapid visualization of data, and sharing insight quickly across the organization.


What Is Altair Knowledge Studio?

Widely known for its industry-leading, patented Decision Trees, Strategy Trees, and its workflow and wizard-driven  graphical user interface, Knowledge Studio is a full-featured data mining and predictive analytics workbench.

Knowledge Studio provides advanced predictive modeling capabilities including scorecard development, regressions, decision trees, deep learning models (neural networks), and unsupervised learning techniques such as market basket analysis, cluster analysis, and factor analysis.

Who Uses It?

Cost-effective and easy to use, Knowledge Studio is unique in its universality and efficiency. Its high-performance visual environment provides users with an intuitive workflow and wizard-driven graphical user interface which helps users build effective models without having to code.

Some Of Its Benefits

  • Increase data mining efficiency and minimize the learning curve. Build more models by spending less time coding! Rated to be one of the best in its category by industry analysts and users – the powerful automated canvas enables the creation of workflows in minutes, improving productivity and eliminating the need to write code
  • Robust development & deployment of industry-compliant scorecards. Accelerate the traditionally tedious task of coarse classing (binning) with a flexible and intelligent Weight of Evidence Optimizer (WOE)
  • Strategy Trees unique to Knowledge Studio combine customer segments, scores, business rules and calculations, and apply user-defined treatments and actions to formulate business strategies that minimize loss and maximize profits. Using a familiar tree framework, strategies can be developed both iteratively and interactively based on a range of “what-if” scenarios and forecasts created by the strategy author
  • Perform all advanced analytics tasks in a single environment
  • Connect to many data formats and databases and effortlessly deploy results. Easy integration into other analytical environments enables data import and export to/from Text, Microsoft Excel, SAS, SPSS, R, Knowledge Hub, and databases via ODBC. Automatic code generation allows users to deploy models in other rules engines and environments. Code types include R, Python, SQL, SAS, SPSS, Java, PMML, and structured English code.

What is Knowledge Seeker

Knowledge Seeker offers the same user interface as Knowledge Studio, but with fewer features.  Knowledge Seeker is for business analysts and data scientists who wish to leverage our market leading Decision and Strategy Tree technology, who only need a use a limited set of model types, or who wish to export models into R and Python.

Who Uses It?

Cost-effective and easy to use, Knowledge Seeker offers the same efficiencies as Knowledge Studio, just with fewer features.


Some Benefits:

  • Interactive workflows with an automated design canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytic models
  • Data Preparation and data profiling for easy extraction, manipulation, and transformation of data for modeling
  • User-friendly Decision Trees that allow for automatic and manual growth, and visually display results for easy interpretation. Unique Strategy Trees built off Decision Trees for prescriptive analytics and decision making based on defined business rules
  • Segment Viewer for identification of candidate predictive attributes
  • Ensemble Trees built with Bagging, Boosting, and Random Forest algorithms
  • Support for common languages such as R, Python, JAVA; reuse existing code

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