Simplifying predictive analytics for businesses looking to monetize their data

Data mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics, with best-in-class decision trees

Advanced data modeling, scorecard development, linear regression, decision trees and predictive analytics

Better Manage and Create Analytic Workflows with KnowledgeSTUDIO for Apache Spark

Altair is a global leader in delivering advanced analytics to businesses looking to improve performance across risk, marketing and sales.

Altair removes the complexity inherent with predictive analytics and machine learning with a platform that is intuitive to use and rich in features. It is designed so that Data Scientists and Data Citizens alike can build models used to help solve business problems.

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Make Predictive Analytics Powerful, Not Complicated

Building predictive models does not have to be hard work. Altair solutions removes complexity from building, managing and deploying models. Faster time to insight is achieved with confidence and trust in the final results.  Our solutions are open and flexible; leverage your knowledge in R or Python, or create new models using a wizard-based approach without creating custom code.   Maximize or minimize any user-defined metric or KPI representing your business objective while maintaining relevant business constraints with Insight Optimizer. Combine visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of predictive analytics using Knowledge Reader.  Deploy models to the cloud and apply real-time actions and treatments with Altair Real Time Scoring Engine.  Simplify the monetization of data using Altair solutions.  

Forrester Wave Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning