Welcome to the age of self-service data automation and machine learning
Altair Knowledge Works
Revolutionizing analytics for smarter decisions

Desktop based self-service data preparation for trusted and accurate data used to make the smart decisions.

Collaborative, governed, and secured enterprise-wide self-service data preparation. Use smart data to drive your business forward.

Advanced machine learning and AI. Respond to competitive pressures by understanding what is impacting your business.

Visualize real-time operational performance. Spot anomalies, trends, and clusters in seconds.


Altair data analytics solutions enables individuals, teams and organizations to make smart decisions from the right data.  With powerful data lineage, data security, and governance controls, complex data becomes trusted and accurate.  Advanced machine learning and AI capabilities that do not require coding allows more people to access data, generate insight, and share knowledge across the organization.

Knowledge Works: Revolutionizing analytics for smarter decisions.

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