How to Save $22k Per Data Analyst

A recent blog post from James Haight at Blue Hills Research took a look at the average amount of time – and money – spent on inefficient data prep. The results were pretty sobering, to the tune of two hours per day spent on data prep which equates to roughly $22,000 per year, per analyst. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a low value-add activity. Imagine if you had a team of 10 data analysts. Or 100, even. Can you really afford not to find a better way of doing things?

In light of these Blue Hills findings, we couldn’t think of a better time to show you the latest version of Monarch Complete, due to release next week.

Register now for our live webinar scheduled for Thursday, April 14 to see all of the new Monarch features in action, including the following top five:

1. Load Plan Visualization. In addition to the load plan operations, now users can easily see where the underlying data sources reside.

2. Smart Append. Easy-to-use wizard allows the consolidating of data from similar sources.

3. Fuzzy Matching.

4. New Filter Options. Reduce large data sets to required subsets for ease of use.

5. New Advanced Calculations. Point, click, calculate.

For more than two decades, thousands of companies have relied on Altair Monarch to transform their documents into analytic insights, saving not only valuable analyst time but company cash as well. Our latest release continues this tradition with new features designed to make self-service data prep even easier for users and more cost-effective for your organization! To learn more, register for the live webinar now!