Handling data preparation in stride

Businesses have started to embrace big data in greater numbers and intensities throughout the past few years, directly leading to a high rate of firms working to move their information around and re-position the content to be useful in an analytics strategy. One of the main risks in these situations involves the integrity and value of data that is being transferred to new systems and transformed to fit more effectively into big data programs.

Data preparation, when handled by qualified professionals, can certainly be a boon to information migration efforts, and it can help to reduce the chances of losing value within those files as they are being transitioned to other systems. In the coming years, more firms will likely need to iron out the details of their migration strategies and plans related to big data deployments and expansions, and preparation will remain at the center of these progressions.

Migratory practices
FCW recently listed some of the key considerations organizations must keep in mind when going through data migration procedures, affirming that virtually all transformative efforts related to new analytics programs will need to be taken care of properly. According to the news provider, knowing who will be responsible for each component of the activity is critical, while the everyone involved should understand why the big data migration is taking place.

How are businesses cleansing data?
Data preparation is becoming a more critical aspect of analytics.

Leaders must remember that all IT initiatives will only be positioned to succeed when people, processes and technology are managed in a consistent, objective-oriented and centralized fashion, especially those dealing with major movements and transformations of data. The source suggested that the means of migrating data should be understood by the teams participating in the process, while timing and eventual destinations should also be guided by plans created before the project begins.

Finally, FCW noted that the information being transitioned into big data systems should have specific purposes dictated by need, meaning that leaders need to know how each component will be used in the analytics program.

“Businesses must first focus on data preparation.”

Prep in demand
Network World asserted that all of the efforts to launch effective big data strategies will inherently lead to more demand for information preparation solutions among companies. According to the source, data cleansing has been around for a while, but the technologies used to complete the tasks are finally starting to speed up and fine-tune the relevant procedures, which can help to boost the accuracy and efficiency of an analytics initiative.

When businesses do not first focus on proper data preparation and management, the chances of enjoying optimal functionality within the analytics program will be inherently lower, and this is a problem that can be quickly avoided through the support of a professional services vendor. Getting a handle on big data is no easy task, but the support necessary to do so is increasingly available.