Free Training Workshops: May 31, 2018 in London

Panopticon consulting partner AquaQ Analytics is hosting two special training events on Thursday, May 31st in LondonSeating is limited, so please register your interest right away. There will be two workshops:

Visualising kdb+ data via Altair Panopticon Workshop: 9.30AM to 12.00PM

An informal workshop led by Andrew Barrow of AquaQ. You will learn about best practices for using Panopticon with kdb+ data source / kdb+ tick. Andrew will demonstrate ease of integration with the  TorQ open-source framework with some real-world examples. Darren Abel from AquaQ will also describe integration of Panopticon workbooks into HTML5 web-applications (with Angular / React) and options available in this area.

kdb+ Quant Queries with Jupyter Notebooks: 2.00PM to 5:30PM

A hands on workshop led by Matt Doherty and Jonny Press of AquaQ.  It is aimed at Quants, Traders and Developers who want to learn how best to retrieve and analyse kdb+ datasets.  We will also show examples of interfacing kdb+ with Jupyter Notebooks using PyQ, which in combination provided a cutting edge toolset for data analysis. Attendees will be required to bring a laptop and do some set up in advance (we’ll let you know what you need to do!)