Download for October 1, 2019 Event at Nasdaq

Before you arrive at the event, please download and install Panopticon Designer on your Windows laptop.

Click here to download the zip file here

This zip files contains the following:

  • Altair_Panopticon_Designerx64wInstaller.exe: Installer 
  • Altair_Panopticon_Designer_Demo_License.xml: License File
  • Altair_Panopticon_v17-4_Install_Guide.pdf: Installation Guide
  • Altair_Panopticon_Designer_QuickStart.pdf: Quickstart

Please contact Altair Panopticon Support if you have any problems installing Panopticon Designer on your Windows laptop.

The license file is active through October 31, 2019.

If you do not have access to a Windows laptop that you can bring to the event, please contact Jacqueline LaBrie as soon as possible.