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The Messy World of Marketing Analytics


Excel isn’t the only tool that complicates data cleaning, an essential process to ensure accurate, trusted reporting, for marketers. A critical data source is their CRM platform, like,  which is used to understand campaign influences, lead quality, and customer profiles, and marketing’s contribution to pipeline.

But, most CRMs are full of duplicate records that don’t accurately reflect the customer base. For example, a CRM with 100,000 customers, is highly likely to have companies entered multiple times, in slightly different ways. This inflates the actual count of customers and will skew reporting.

To determine how many unique customers your company has, you’ll need to dedupe, or identify and eliminate the duplicate entries, to create a new master list. Deduping manually not only increases inaccuracies because of human error, but also consumes hours of labor.

Self-service data prep is transforming how marketing analysts (and everyday business users) acquirem, manipulate and blend data by making the process quick, accurate, and consistent. These solutions enable users to easily access and clean messy, disparate data without having to rely on IT or other resources.


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