Altair Academic Program
“Monarch was an excellent addition to my Data Warehousing class. Three of my graduate students did a project with Monarch. They love the tool. They did a nice presentation in class and they developed two labs that every student in the class completed. Monarch was a huge success and very valuable to the class.” 
-Jeff Pittges, PhD, Radford University
“The user interface is well thought out and easy to learn, which is of considerable importance as many of our students come from countries where English is not their first language. Altair fits very well into an IT strategy which calls for a single, centralized, secure and trusted hub for enterprise metadata where more than one analytics tool set has been deployed.”
-Steve Smith, University of Ottawa

Altair Academic Program


At Datawatch, we believe education is the key to success and unlocks the power to change the world.  We are committed to helping you acquire, prepare and visualize all your data to improve your knowledge and decision making.   Learn more about Datawatch.   If you are with an accredited university you can apply for a one-year subscription of Altair Monarch and/or Panopticon.


Program Guidelines:

  1. You  must be a full time member of the university (faculty member)
  2. You must provide a current email address associated with the organization
  3. You must sign the EULA Evaluation Edition License Agreement
  4. Deliver a brief, written, illustrated report presenting a use case for the Software during the course of the subscription period and allow us to use your university’s logo on our website

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