Data Preparation for IBM Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics

Data Prep IBM Watson ImageOn March 14, Altair and IBM made a major announcement to where IBM will be reselling Altair as a self-service data preparation solution for IBM Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics.  Click here to read more about the announcement.

With Altair Monarch, IBM business intelligence users can now rapidly prepare data from virtually any information source from traditional databases to multi-structured documents, such as PDF and text reports, web pages, JSON, and log files. Data can now be prepared for analysis in a fraction of the time that it takes using spreadsheets and other manually intensive measures.

Additional features of Altair Monarch for IBM Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics include:

  • Simple data preparation – Drop a file or document on a prep canvas, and data is instantly available in rows and columns. More than 100 pre-built functions are available to transform and manipulate data with simple mouse clicks
  • Disparate data integration – Quickly combine dissimilar data using a join analysis recommendation engine with fuzzy matching
  • Sharing and automation – Data preparation steps are automatically saved in human-readable format for transparency and reuse
  • Security and information governance – Leverage features such as data masking to protect sensitive information such as patient name or social security numbers to meet regulatory requirements


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