Data Prep Autonomy Without Disorder

Self-service data prep initiatives can be a huge source of anxiety for compliance and security teams whose main directive is to minimize the risks associated with data management. When considering any self-service solution, chances are they’ll want to ensure that there’s an ability to securely store and manage the data across the organization and throughout its lifecycle, and request some form of controlled access to sensitive data by authorizing individual users for specific data sets or subsets. They may also want safeguards in place to know how and when data is accessed, who is authorized to see it, and what changes are being made.

While many of these requirements may sometimes seem insurmountable to the average user, it’s important to know that there are compliance-friendly data prep solutions available today that are also user-friendly for those simply looking to get at their data faster in order to perform more timely and valuable analyses.

Next week I’ll be joining senior BI and analytics leaders at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit (Feb. 29 – Mar. 1) in London, where we’ll discuss the ways in which data users can be empowered to be autonomous without causing disorder, and how self-service analytics can become a reality across the business. During my session on March 1, I’ll share examples of how ordinary users can deliver extraordinary results with any data from any source through new advances in self-service data preparation, all while adhering to corporate security and compliance requirements.

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