Data Transformation
The right decisions begin with data made smart using Data Transformation

Altair Data Preparation solutions allow connections between different data sources and formats—allowing you to transform the data for further analytic use.  Our solutions easily access, cleanse and transform data that can then be fed into machine learning engines.

Designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, our desktop-based and browser-based data automation solutions are powerful to use and quick to learn.  Interactive, visual guides enable users of all skill levels to convert messy, complex data into smart data sets that are accurate and trusted.


Powerful self-service data preparation begins with Altair Monarch.  Known for nearly 30 years as the industry leader in data wrangling and data transformation, Monarch easily allows users to connect to a wide variety of data sources and transforming messy data into trusted and accurate data sets.

Altair Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source — including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files into rows and columns. Monarch includes dozens of pre-built data preparation tasks designed to meet accounting, healthcare and other industry-regulated reporting requirements.

Altair Monarch: Simple, Powerful, Self-Service Data Preparation

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Monarch Server takes self-service data preparation to a whole new level. Extend the data preparation capabilities of Monarch and provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution. Monarch Server’s options allow organizations to work more efficiently, store and retrieve reports easier, and extend model results beyond the Monarch platform.

Data preparation workflows created with Monarch on the desktop can be stored and shared on Monarch Server. Automate advanced data preparation and model building processes. Manage the storage, indexing, search and retrieval of core reports and text based files using the Content Server module. Extend Monarch model results to users of CMS such as Nautilius, Hyland / Onbase, Mobius / AG, and more.

Altair Monarch Server: Simple, Powerful, Enterprise-wide Self-Service Data Automation

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Knowledge Hub’s combination of data preparation, machine-learning and collaboration uniquely positions it to allow individuals, teams and entire organizations to drive towards fast analytical insight. Automate data extraction and export operations by scheduling processes to run at predetermined times and frequencies. Integration with Altair Automator also available

Browser-based and built for the cloud, trusted and accurate data sets can be fed into machine learning and AI engines. Analytic modeling results can be fed back to Knowledge Hub for model scoring, enterprise-wide sharing of insight and reporting, and for other analytical tasks. Intuitive work flow or grid-based views allows users to customize their experience as they import, transform, and export data for their analytics purposes.

Altair Knowledge Hub: Simple, Powerful, Enterprise-wide Self-Service Data Automation and collaboration.

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