Compromise Your Analytics? Just Say “No.”

We’ve all been there. You get a last-minute reporting request and you can either:

  • Work all weekend
  • Limit your analysis to the data you can easily access
  • Rekey the data (but you can’t afford another mistake)
  • Spend hours cutting/copying/pasting into Excel until you can’t see straight
  • Spin your wheels trying to figure out how to combine all your data sources
  • All of the above

The correct answer?

None of the above.

Business leaders often have unrealistic or uninformed expectations about what it takes to deliver high quality reports, visualizations and analysis. What might sound like a simple request – for instance a pipeline vs. sales expense review – can require more time, effort and resources than management realizes, forcing you to scramble and ultimately compromise the quality of what you deliver because of long wait times from IT requests, manual data input and errors, incomplete datasets, and disparate data sources.

Compromise comes at a cost.

From misguided expectations and incorrect insights, to poorly informed business decisions, your organization can suffer from compliance violations, costly penalties, inefficient processes, decreased shareholder value, customer churn, brand loyalty impact, high expenses/costs, lost revenue, poor customer service, decreased employee engagement, degraded corporate culture, high turnover, hindered innovation, slow growth and lack of competitive advantage. You can also lose credibility, miss deadlines and potentially lose your job.

What can you do?

Say “no” to compromise.

Take back control. Transition from IT-owned analytics to self-service analytics that allow you to leverage application data on demand and combine it with a wide variety of data sources and types (decentralized and ad hoc). And adopt self-service data prep to improve data quality and simplify data access to disparate sources.

The result?

Better, faster analytics, trusted visualizations and more informed decisions.

Learn how self-service data prep can help you say “no” to compromising your analytics. Download your free trial today.