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Big Data Applications in Cap Markets

An article published in Big Data Zone by Vamsi Chemitiganti caught my eye today. In it, he catalogs and describes the various applications Cap Markets firms have for Big Data tools like Spark/Storm and Hadoop, including: Client Profitability Analysis/Customer 360 view Dodd Frank/Volcker Rule Reporting CCAR & DFast Reporting Risk ManagementLiquidity Management Intraday Credit Risk Management Intraday Market Risk Management Reducing Market Data Costs Trade Strategy Development & Backtesting Sentiment-based Trading Market & Trade Surveillance…

Two visualizations that do a great job delivering information

You could have the most sophisticated data analytics engine at your disposal, but it means next to nothing if you can't make sense of the finished intelligence.

How is data visualization getting put to work?

Big data has represented a major turning point for businesses, public sector agencies and researchers from around the globe, and the best appears to just be getting better in these intelligence strategies.

New industries embrace data visualization

Data visualization is helping a wider range of professionals and businesses embrace modern analytics and understand the findings and reports that accompany the deployments.

The next step in big data analytics

Although business intelligence has already evolved significantly from the early 2000s, with big data becoming a more prominent tool in use among companies and organizations from virtually every industry, the progression of the technology is far from reaching its pinnacle.

Visual data discovery in law

The legal sector, as well as corporate law, has been forever transformed by the advent of electronic information storage, analysis and discovery.

Going beyond “actionable insight”

If I had a nickel for every time I've read or heard the phrase "data analytics can provide you with actionable insight," I'd probably have enough money to buy me at least three Big Macs.

The difference between a dashboard and a data visualization

Although there are plenty of people out there who would use the words "dashboard" and "visualization" to describe the same thing, that doesn't mean they're necessarily right in doing so.

Do data visualization and storytelling work well together?

Depending on who you speak to, the concept of storytelling can be either very definitive or ambiguous.

Closer to the heart: Using analytics to better understand customers

From time to time, I've spoken with marketers about how they're using data analytics, often finding they're leveraging the technology to "find stronger leads" for their sales departments.