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Self-service Data Prep Pays Dividends for Credit Unions

With the help of self-service data prep solutions, credit unions are now able to gain business intelligence from data generated by the reports that run their business.

Auditing the Audit Process

Auditors – internal or external – are not only challenged by overwhelming amounts of data, they also have difficulty making better, faster decisions because they are unable to get at the most important data.

How to Save $22k Per Data Analyst

A recent blog post from James Haight at Blue Hills Research took a look at the average amount of time – and money – spent on inefficient data prep. The results were pretty sobering, to the tune of two hours per day spent on data prep which equates to roughly $22,000 per year, per analyst. That’s a pretty hefty price tag for a low value-add activity. Imagine if you had a team of…

Insights for 311 Calls with IBM Analytics and Datawatch

Spending too much time preparing data and not enough time analyzing and visualizing it? IBM and Datawatch have a combined solution to help. With the recent IBM and Datawatch partnership, announced at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, March 14-16, you can use Datawatch Monarch to extend the data access and preparation capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics. Use this collection of self-service data preparation and analytics tools to take your…

Make Excel Excellent with Self-Service Data Prep

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used business intelligence and reporting tools. More than just a spreadsheet, Excel allows users to collect and integrate data for critical analysis and reporting. It’s easy to use, readily available as part of the Microsoft Office solution suite, and provides users with the ability to perform advanced analytic functions without the need of IT intervention. Yet, despite its many benefits, there are some limitations to Excel that…

The Future is Bright for Self-service Data Prep

Recently, I had the pleasure of being both an attendee and a speaker at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit in Grapevine, TX. As you can imagine, some of the hottest topics included the Internet of Things, the cloud, algorithmic business, advanced analytics and of course, self-service data prep. My presentation focused on the latter and it was a recurring theme within many of the the summit’s agenda tracks: Lead…

Self-Service Data Prep Gets Even Easier

As many Datawatch users already know, self-service data prep is an invaluable tool when you need to get at critical information as quickly as possible. By enabling easier access to time-sensitive and previously inaccessible data in unstructured formats like PDFs, web pages, log files and more, less time can be spent on data gathering, allowing more time to be focused on the analysis needed to support business-critical decisions. Whatever your data prep challenge – improving…

When It Comes to Data Prep, Timing is Everything

When it comes to data preparation, timing truly is everything – both in terms of understanding why it’s such a laborious process in the first place and how you can streamline your activities.

Data Prep Autonomy Without Disorder

Self-service data prep initiatives can be a huge source of anxiety for compliance and security teams whose main directive is to minimize the risks associated with data management but, it’s important to know that there are compliance-friendly data prep solutions available today that are also user-friendly for those simply looking to get at their data faster in order to perform more timely and valuable analyses.

The Challenges to Data Management

High volume isn’t the only data challenge. There are numerous obstacles that can impede data analysis. Many organizations have been “limping along” dealing with these challenges manually or using workarounds that simply aren’t scalable. But growing volumes exacerbate the problem and turn these data speed bumps into roadblocks.

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