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The Many Healthcare Benefits of Self-service Data Prep

Healthcare systems can benefit from self-service data prep solutions in the form of prevention, treatment and follow up care.

Getting High Yield Results from Credit Union Data: Part Two

Many credit unions are turning to self-service data prep solutions not only to ensure timely and accurate management of all critical data, but also to maintain and enhance member services that will give them a competitive edge.

Never Spend a Weekend Doing Data Prep Again!

“Um, yeah. I’m also going to need you to come in on Sunday…” Remember “Office Space”? If you’re a business analyst you’ve probably been there. Someone has a meeting or presentation next week. You were asked to pull together a few slides, charts, reports and visuals for them. Maybe it’s a revenue projection based on inventory, pipeline, cost of sale, and historical trend info, and also find what percentage of the…

IBM Vision 2016 Wrap Up

I recently had the opportunity to attend the global event IBM Vision 2016. It provided not only an opportunity to meet up with former colleagues in Orlando, but a chance to learn about the latest advances in IBM products and services and how they aid organizations in the areas of financial and operational management, sales management and governance, risk and compliance.

Getting High Yield Results from Credit Union Data: Part One

Self-service data prep solutions are used by many credit unions throughout the United States to facilitate data-driven decisions, without the pain or cost of data warehousing initiatives. This is accomplished by offering a self-service solution for business users to access data directly from a myriad of transactional and operational reports used by credit unions.

The Need for Self-Service Data Prep Adds Up in the Financial Sector

In the eight years since the financial crisis of 2008 was felt around the world, a number of regulations have been enacted in an effort to mitigate risk. While market volatility remains, and there is still a focus on risk management, cost reduction and reporting, there’s also a growing emphasis on core investment activities. For organizations to remain competitive, they must do more with big data. The problem is, they aren’t.

Harnessing the Power of Cognitive Computing

Earlier this year, Datawatch announced that it would be partnering with IBM to better support the access and data prep needs of IBM Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics users. Now with the ability to resell the Datawatch Monarch solution, IBM is further enabling business analysts to harness the power of cognitive computing across the widest variety of data sources to drive more informed, strategic business decisions.

Six Signs You Need Self-service Data Prep

Do your month-end closing activities feel like they take a year to complete? Do you wish your annual reports were like the Olympics and only came around every four years? Do you find yourself suddenly in need of a “sick day” when forecasting time rolls around? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be in the ranks of individuals who could use a self-service data prep solution.

Self-service Data Prep Pays Dividends for Credit Unions

With the help of self-service data prep solutions, credit unions are now able to gain business intelligence from data generated by the reports that run their business.

Auditing the Audit Process

Auditors – internal or external – are not only challenged by overwhelming amounts of data, they also have difficulty making better, faster decisions because they are unable to get at the most important data.

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