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Swinging for the Fences with Data Prep

Data prep is becoming an important step towards the ongoing trend of user empowerment and self-service business intelligence.

Semi-structured Data and Effective Data Management

With mature data prep tools and diverse data storage options, it becomes possible to look at information access more broadly and identify whether there are key assets that aren’t being leveraged but that are required to make better business insights.

Unlocking 835 Remittance Files for Increased Revenue

Leveraging the data trapped in 835 EDI remittance files can have a significant impact on the financial health of hospitals and providers.

Spotlight on HIMSS

The recent HIMSS show had a laser focus on healthcare analytics – from patient care and solving diseases to reducing mortality rates and improving revenue cycle management.

Rx: Less Data Entry, More Patient Interaction

With a self-service data prep tool, physicians can spend more interacting with patients and less time entering data.

Treating Big Data Symptoms in Healthcare

Big Data can either be a headache or a potential cure-all for the healthcare industry, depending on how it’s managed.

The Many Healthcare Benefits of Self-service Data Prep

Healthcare systems can benefit from self-service data prep solutions in the form of prevention, treatment and follow up care.

Getting High Yield Results from Credit Union Data: Part Two

Many credit unions are turning to self-service data prep solutions not only to ensure timely and accurate management of all critical data, but also to maintain and enhance member services that will give them a competitive edge.

Never Spend a Weekend Doing Data Prep Again!

“Um, yeah. I’m also going to need you to come in on Sunday…” Remember “Office Space”? If you’re a business analyst you’ve probably been there. Someone has a meeting or presentation next week. You were asked to pull together a few slides, charts, reports and visuals for them. Maybe it’s a revenue projection based on inventory, pipeline, cost of sale, and historical trend info, and also find what percentage of the…

IBM Vision 2016 Wrap Up

I recently had the opportunity to attend the global event IBM Vision 2016. It provided not only an opportunity to meet up with former colleagues in Orlando, but a chance to learn about the latest advances in IBM products and services and how they aid organizations in the areas of financial and operational management, sales management and governance, risk and compliance.