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Independence from Data Prep – We Have a Winner!

When you work with data, you know one of the biggest causes for concern is just how much effort goes into the task of data preparation itself. This year’s CrowdFlower 2016 Data Science report suggested that data preparation alone accounts for 80% of the work data scientists carry out each day. This includes cleaning and organizing data as well as collecting data sets. Thankfully, self-service data preparation tools exist today to…

Six Intake Questions for Healthier Healthcare Reporting

It’s essential for healthcare providers to have the basic coverage of a healthy reporting strategy. This should include access to the right tools, metrics and resources for insightful, measurable and auditable metrics that also fulfill the compliance, reporting and analytics needs of a diverse set of end users. But developing a comprehensive healthcare reporting strategy can initially seem like a tough pill to swallow given the varying needs, IT infrastructures and existing reporting capabilities. Many…

Self-service ETL is real. It’s called data prep.

ETL can take anywhere from 1-24 months to provide the data you need. What if you didn’t have to wait for IT?

Turning Data into Insights: Forrester Technology Adoption Profile

With greater data access and reduced data prep time, data professionals can increase their productivity and value to their organization.

Know Your Audience – The Danger of Missing Marketing Data

  Today’s world is strongly self-centric. It’s why selfies became a thing and social media is more about how many likes and favorites are generated than about actual socializing. More than ever, people feel entitled to share their particular opinion – often quite loudly and insistently – regardless of whether it was asked for or is relevant to the situation. And that social media mentality has blended so completely with our buying habits that they…

Compromise Your Analytics? Just Say “No.”

Just say no to compromising the quality of your analytics. Take back control with self-service data prep.

Announcing – A New Online Resource for Data Analysts Featuring Pilkington Prep School Videos

Find out how self-service data prep can help you save time and money with a brand new resource for data analysts –

Customer Content Marketing Strategies from Pearl Jam @ Fenway Park

This past weekend, Pearl Jam played 2 epic shows at Fenway Park. It was the band’s first time playing at the legendary ball park in their 25-year history. I was fortunate enough to attend the 2nd show on Sunday and experienced not only an amazing concert, but an excellent example of customer content marketing at its finest. Below are 5 examples of customer content marketing that you can use to strengthen your brand, improve customer…

The Marbridge Foundation Wins Nucleus Research ROI Award

Using the Altair Monarch automated data preparation solution, the Foundation was able to access information locked in PDFs and generate reports without upgrading systems or contracting for thousands of hours of temporary help for manual reentry.

Squeaky Clean Salesforce Data = Spot-on Reporting

Download our latest eBook to learn how to quickly and easily improve the quality of your Salesforce data for better reporting.