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Big data: What to expect in 2015

When discussing big data, people could be talking about either one of two things: the technology or the industry. This post will focus on the latter.

3 ways in which analytics, IoT is impacting the automotive industry

Sure, there's a lot IKEA can learn from a Web-connected recliner, but imagine the kind of insight a business such as General Motors or Ford could gain by scrutinizing data produced by a car equipped with smart devices.

What’s up with “deep data”?

“Deep data” is just another fancy phrase one particular professional coined to describe the digital information that actually matters. For all the insight data analysis software can provide, you’re probably scrutinizing more information than what’s necessary. Some scientists may tell you to cast a wide net and pull in as big of a haul as your data warehouses can handle, but that’s not what I’m going to tell you. Choose your sources wisely InformationWeek contributor…