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The dramatic impacts of business analytics on health care

Since the beginning of the modern business analytics era, one of the main objectives among government agencies has been the use of these tools to improve population health management.

Demands for data preparation services likely to rise

One of the main themes within the business analytics realm throughout the past several years has been the rapid increase in digital information around the globe and how it impacts the average organization.

Security acts as new battleground for analytics

Big data has had a profound and relatively immediate impact on the public and private sectors, as more companies begin to leverage the tools for a wide range of purposes and objectives.

Health care’s big plans for data analytics

The health care sector has been among the most aggressive in its pursuit and adoption of modern technologies throughout the past several years, while many progressions have been entirely data-centric.

Data analytics making waves in medical sectors

Perhaps the most exciting industry to watch in the data analytics revolution is health care, where companies are at once working to achieve internal optimization and maintain compliance with external regulations through the use of intelligence solutions.

How can data analytics spread across the business?

In the past several years, one of the main themes in corporate computing has been the consumerization of IT, characterized by increasingly complex demands of employees for access to the most advanced technology out there.

How organizations are using analytics to prevent fraud

How are enterprises identifying fraud when it's committed? Better yet, how are they using technology to help them prevent it from happening in the first place?

The backend demands of data analytics

Big data has become a household name in the past few years, and more industries are beginning to embrace the technology with the passing of each day.

Why prescriptive analytics is the new standard

Predictive analytics are capable of recommending calculated decisions to users and change advice based on a feedback system.

HR transformed by big data

Public and private sector organizations have embraced big data in a much bigger way throughout the past several years, adopting the technology to ensure that decision making and market intelligence are on point.