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Which sectors are excelling with analytics?

Modern business intelligence solutions have already begun to impact a range of industries and sectors in dramatic fashion, helping governments clean up their strategies, enhancing patient care, bolstering manufacturing innovation and more.

The cultural side of business intelligence

With all of the responsibilities, tasks and planning involved in getting a business intelligence program off the ground, it can be easy to forget some of the more basic demands of the technology in terms of management and optimization.

Are you ready to capitalize on mobile data?

Although it has become clear that volume is not everything in data analytics, the fact remains that business leaders and intelligence professionals need to ensure that they are using every relevant file in each project.

Next steps in analytics are a doozy

The big data revolution has taken hold of the global private and public sectors, as evidenced by the immense investments being made to strengthen the intelligence of decision-making in virtually every organization.

Inside the push for more successful business intelligence pursuits

The business intelligence market has been fast-growing in the past few years, as more organizations work to get their decision-making prowess up to modern standards through the use of advanced analytics solutions.

6 trends to watch in the analytics arena

Business intelligence solutions are changing rapidly, while the trends impacting analytics continue to surface and transform as well, forcing professionals and managers to constantly adjust their approaches to strategy.

How will companies react to increased data volume, diversity?

The intelligence arena has become more complex and powerful in recent years, driven by the simultaneous progression of the technologies used to analyze information and the massive increases in global data volumes.

What the use of analytics in sports tells the private sector

Analytics has spread rapidly across industries and sectors in the past five years, and a greater variety of users are now leveraging the technology to improve their own decision-making.

In focus: Progressive intelligence utilization

As the years pass, private and public sector organizations continue to become more engaged with business intelligence solutions, most obviously big data and its many offerings from a multitude of vendors.

What will data analytics, management look like in the future?

The evolution of analytics and business intelligence has accelerated significantly in the past few years, driven by more robust options and players in the market that make the potential pool of users more diverse and voluminous.