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How will future infrastructure impact analytics?

The systems and techniques used to manage data have evolved quickly in the past few years, presenting businesses with a double-edged sword of sorts that involves a combination of risks and opportunities.

Time is now for improved big data management

As big data continues to spread across industries and regions more quickly than ever before, one of the prevailing themes has been the misuse or lack of understanding among companies that holds them back from achieving optimal returns on investment.

Experts suggest the high road for analytics adopters

The big data revolution has started to shift into higher gears of late, with a much larger volume and greater diversity of organizations deploying the solutions and aligning them with a wider range of objectives and requirements throughout operations.

The security powers of big data

Market research, product management, client relationships and waste reduction have appeared to be the primary objectives of big data users in the past few years, but the applications of the technology are expanding quickly.

How will mass digitization impact data analytics?

Throughout the past decade, organizations have worked on a steady path toward more comprehensively digitized operations, largely driven by the evolution of demand among consumers and client purchasers.

Sustainability lessons in advanced analytics

One of the main reasons why big data has become so popular in the past few years is the technology's unique ability to seamlessly, efficiently and accurately predict trends and fluctuations that, should they go on unnoticed, might disrupt operational performances.

Time for more big data

Business leaders have no doubt become more aggressive in their provisioning and deployment of big data analytics technology throughout the past several years, but that does not mean there is no more room to expand.

Big lessons in modern analytics

Although virtually every industry has begun to experiment with big data technology, some have been a bit more aggressive than others in their adoption and use of the solutions over the past few years.

A new trend emerges in big data adoption

Studies released in the past year or so have clearly shown that big data investments are rising across industries and around the globe, but that many firms are struggling to capitalize on the solutions and enjoy high returns.

The dawn of intelligent threat mitigation

As many business leaders already know all too well, risk management is among the more important and challenging responsibilities involved in leadership, and one that can quickly cause issues when not handled properly.