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Big data remains hot in health care

In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act went into effect in the United States, completely transforming the ways in which medical firms are required to handle their information.

One sector’s big data success story

Organizations in virtually every industry are beginning to invest more in advanced analytics technology, driven by the desire to leverage the massive volumes of information they currently generate, store and collect in more progressive strategies.

Big data ROI tipping point approaches

Big data has spread rapidly in the past few years, with more companies beginning to allocate resources and budget to advanced analytics endeavors in virtually every industry and region of the United States.

Returns on big data investments remain elusive

As big data becomes a bit more popular across industries, it has become clear that businesses are struggling to monetize their efforts in the analytics arena despite the progressive advances taking place among the technology's developers.

Big data spreads across industries

As more companies complete their mass-digitization of files and records - which has been a long and sometimes painful process - they are beginning to find value in the use of analytics and intelligence solutions.

What fuels modern analytics performances?

Big data is among the more powerful but misunderstood technologies out there today, as so many organizations have deployed the solutions but very few have actually enjoyed optimal results and performance shortly after implementation.

Worrisome big data report released

Business leaders, government officials, health care providers and others have largely viewed big data with excitement and hope given the immense opportunities the technology grants to improve operational processes, quality control and more.

Collaboration is critical in big data

Communication has been a persistent issue within the big data movement, holding companies back from enjoying optimal returns on investment and progressive functionality.

How will future infrastructure impact analytics?

The systems and techniques used to manage data have evolved quickly in the past few years, presenting businesses with a double-edged sword of sorts that involves a combination of risks and opportunities.

Time is now for improved big data management

As big data continues to spread across industries and regions more quickly than ever before, one of the prevailing themes has been the misuse or lack of understanding among companies that holds them back from achieving optimal returns on investment.