Analytics opportunities this Thanksgiving weekend

The holiday shopping season has set in, and retailers will have a range of opportunities to collect valuable data related to customer behaviors, analyze it with advanced intelligence solutions and apply the insights to future strategies.

Market report: Big data investment set to explode

Advanced analytics have already become common investments among a range of enterprises, small businesses, public sector entities and other organizations around the globe despite being a relatively novel trend.

Achieving success with the IoT era of analytics

Business analytics solutions have become more advanced in the past few years, while many firms have started to incorporate data from a range of other trends such as mobility to enhance their intelligence performances.

The importance of comprehension in analytics strategies

With several recent reports indicating many companies that have deployed big data have thus far not been able to meet objectives and financial goals with the technology, it is becoming clearer that more thorough planning and strategy creation needs to take place soon.

Retail’s latest ventures highly rooted in analytics

Although manufacturers and health care providers were among the first entities to really embrace big data, others are now starting to leverage the tools to ensure they can maintain a competitive edge in increasingly saturated marketplaces.

Let’s talk analytics’ future

Business intelligence technology and techniques have evolved rapidly throughout the past 15 years or so, and have gone from niche capabilities to ones that are present in a growing number and diversity of organizations.

The spread of real-time analytics

Advanced analytics began as a means to measure various aspects of corporate performance and market trends more efficiently and quickly, allowing firms to bolster decision-making in a timely fashion.

Business analytics becomes more inclusive

One of the overarching trends that has been present in virtually all IT transformations throughout the past few years has been the increasing inclusiveness of novel solutions and tools.

Two visualizations that do a great job delivering information

You could have the most sophisticated data analytics engine at your disposal, but it means next to nothing if you can't make sense of the finished intelligence.

How is data visualization getting put to work?

Big data has represented a major turning point for businesses, public sector agencies and researchers from around the globe, and the best appears to just be getting better in these intelligence strategies.